Two sides of the housing picture

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The number of houses sold in Maryland in 2009 was the lowest in eight years, according to a review of property record data by the Maryland Department of Planning.  House prices have also declined, but not as much as home sales, and Maryland’s housing units still retain the majority of the value that they have accumulated since 2002. The number of homes sold in Maryland declined by 65 percent from 2005 to 2009, while the statewide median house price declined 11 percent.   More…

Seeing more Ravens purple in Eagles country?

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It is not surprising, but nonetheless somewhat disheartening, to see that one of the major effects of the housing bubble and its rising prices in the middle of the past decade was to cause people to move further “out” and away from their jobs. This outward migration resulted in longer commutes to work, stretching out to Pennsylvania and Maryland’s Upper Eastern Shore Region. more…

Honey, I shrunk the House

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One of the trends that has propelled us and other state agencies to work on developing a sustainable growth plan is the immense increase in land use in the past half-century.

While Maryland’s population increased roughly 140 percent between 1950 (2.3 million) and 2005 (5.5 million), the rate of acres developed during that span rose 450 percent. more…

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