How did William Donald Schaefer aid smart growth?

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Governor William Donald Schaefer advocated for smart growth before we called it that.  He passed the 1992 Planning Act, the ’91 Forest Conservation Act and Harborplace speaks for itself. He was known for his outreach to the business community and maybe even thought of himself foremost in terms of economic development, but he was also a strong advocate for environmentalism and the bay. The challenges he faced have not gone away.

We need to grow smarter now more than ever because we are continuing to spread out and leave behind older communities, and most of the communities getting the faster rates of growth tend to be ones that don’t growth as efficiently as the older communities.

— Richard E. Hall, AICP, Maryland Secretary of Planning  


“There Was A City Here”


Not long after I joined the Maryland Department of Planning, I came across a wall poster of the building where the agency is headquartered, only it didn’t have a picture of the current State Office Building and surrounding state complex but antique photographs of the neighborhood that used to exist at this site. It was captioned, “Before State Center … There Was a City Here.” More


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