Priority Funding Areas Frequently Asked Questions

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Here at the Maryland Department of Planning, Priority Funding Areas, or PFAs, are part of our daily routine. PFAs were enacted by Maryland in 1997 and are defined as existing communities and places designated by local governments indicating where they want state investment to support future growth.

We understand that many jurisdictions and property owners have questions about PFAs because we receive them all the time. Questions like “How is a PFA designated?”; “What state funding programs are subject to the PFA law?”; and “What is a PFA exception and how do I request one?” Planning staff are always available to answer your PFA questions, but the department also recently developed a list of PFA FAQs for those interested in learning more on their own.

The department will be developing a series of local planning FAQs over the next few months in areas such as annexation, comprehensive planning, and compatible use.

If you would like to request some FAQs on a specific planning topic, please contact Joe Griffiths, Local Assistance and Training Manager, at

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