Sustainable Growth Commission Celebrates Winners of 2020 Sustainable Growth Challenge

Planning Assistance in Action

The term sustainability is ubiquitous in the planning profession: sustainable development, sustainable processes, sustainable buildings, sustainable ecosystems, sustainable design, sustainable financing,  This list could go on for the rest of the article. As a concept, sustainability is framed by the three E’s of Environment, Economics, and Equity. The winning teams of this year’s Sustainable Growth Challenge exemplify all three.

On February 13, the Maryland Sustainable Growth Commission’s (the commission) Education Workgroup welcomed six teams of six to eight graduate and undergraduate students from Maryland to present projects completed during their 2019 semesters. Submissions represented the academic disciplines of landscape architecture, urban planning, applied agriculture, and business development. The March 23 award ceremony has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the celebration must go on! Continue reading