Housing Data Dashboard Updates

Resources and Tools

by Joseph Griffiths, AICP, Local Assistance and Training Manager

The Maryland Department of Planning recently updated its Housing Data Dashboard to include 2022 U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Area Median Income (AMI) data and U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS) 2016-2020 Five-Year Estimates. The Housing Data Dashboard, part of the Housing Element Models & Guidelines website developed by Planning in 2020, helps jurisdictions meet the comprehensive planning requirements of HB 1045, passed in 2019. The AMI data is displayed, for whichever geography (county, place, census tract) a user selects, in the dashboard’s AMI calculator (Figure 1, shown below).

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American Community Survey (ACS) Results Now Available

Resources and Tools

by Kristen E. Humphrey, MLA, Local Assistance and Training Planner 

The five-year American Community Survey (ACS) data for 2016-2020 has been released and is now available for all geographies in Maryland on the Maryland Department of Planning (Planning) website

The ACS is an ongoing, nationwide, monthly survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau (USCB) covering a sample of approximately three-million households each year and is used to create an estimate of socioeconomic trends in communities across the U.S. As described by the USCB, the “ACS helps local officials, community leaders, and businesses understand the changes taking place in their communities. It is the premier source for detailed population and housing information about our nation.” The ACS is now the source for all socioeconomic data that was formerly obtained solely from the decennial census.  

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Meet the Planning Staff: Alfred Sundara

Al Sundara

Alfred Sundara is the Manager of Projections and State Data Center; he has been serving in that capacity since October 2016. In this position, he oversees the development of socioeconomic and school enrollment projections the Maryland Department of Planning produces. He also coordinates the activities of the State Data Center and Continue reading