Annexation Frequently Asked Questions

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by Joseph Griffiths, AICP, local Assistance and Training Manager

In the December 2021 edition of Planning Practice Monthly, the Maryland Department of Planning (Planning) introduced our Priority Funding Areas (PFAs) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). In the April 2022 edition we introduced our Comprehensive Plan FAQs.

For the third edition in our FAQ series, Planning is sharing our Municipal Annexation FAQs. The Local Government Article Division II, Title 4, Subtitle 4, governs requirements for town and city annexations. At least 30 days prior to the public hearing during which a legislative body may approve an annexation, the municipality must submit the annexation plan to Planning for review and feedback.

Planning reviews annexation plans per the requirements of Local Government Article § 4-416. Planning also considers the annexed area for PFA certification, as well as any other areas of state interest. Please see our instructions and guidance for annexation submissions for more information.

In these FAQs, Planning developed responses for questions on annexation law, the annexation process, the connection between annexations and comprehensive plans, PFAs and annexations, post annexation procedures, and where to locate additional annexation resources.

At Planning, we know PFAs, comprehensive plans, and annexations, and we hope that these FAQs will help you better understand them as well.

If you would like to request FAQs on a specific planning topic, please contact Joe Griffiths, Local Assistance and Training Manager, at

The Importance of Post Annexation Procedures

Planning Assistance in Action 

Municipal and county planners understand Maryland code requirements prior to and during an annexation. Their submissions to the Maryland Department of Planning (Planning) make this clear. Local Government Article sections §4-401 through §4-416 outline procedures for annexation initiation, public notice and hearings, resolutions, and annexation plans.

The Local Government Article also describes areas that are eligible for annexation, which are those that are contiguous and adjoining to the municipality, won’t create an enclave or exclave, and are not within the boundaries of another municipality.

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Maryland Department of Planning Develops Guidance on Plan Submissions

Resources and Tools 

by Joseph Griffiths, AICP, Local Assistance and Training Planner

The Maryland Department of Planning (Planning) is responsible for reviewing and providing comments on a variety of locally developed plans and planning documents. A few of the most common plans the department reviews are comprehensive plans and amendments, municipal annexations, and Priority Funding Area certifications.  

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