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Planning in Progress

The Maryland Statewide Transit Plan (STP) is an initiative of the Maryland Transit Administration (MDOT MTA) and will provide guidance on the need for transit services and connectivity in Maryland. This plan will create a 50-year vision for transit building upon the transit services that exist today, including existing regional and local plans, as well as proposed projects, analysis of future activity centers, demographics, and transit needs, that will create a framework for coordinated transit service and customer experience. 

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MDP’s Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Profile Tool

By Scott Hansen, MDP Transportation Planning, & David Whitaker, AICP, MDP Communications

Models & Guidelines 30: Planning Tools for TOD

Models & Guidelines 30: Planning Tools for TOD

Owning a parcel near transit can open a wealth of development opportunities. Yet, how to achieve the most benefits from those locations can be a challenge. Transit-oriented development (TOD) is not any type of growth occurring near transit station. Instead, TOD features a well-designed and relatively high intensity of mixed land uses within a comfortable walk of a rail or bus transit station.  Continue reading