Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety: Maryland Department of Transportation to Develop State’s First Pedestrian Safety Action Plan

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By Kandese Holford, Regional and Intermodal Planning Division Assistant Chief and Statewide Bike/Ped Coordinator, Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration, with Kristen E. Humphrey, MLA, Local Assistance and Training Planner 

Fig 1 – Screenshot showing draft PSAP report cover. Source: MDOT SHA website.

In spring 2021, the Maryland Department of Transportation’s State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA) initiated the state’s first Pedestrian Safety Action Plan (PSAP) to address the needs of the most vulnerable roadway users, namely pedestrians and bicyclists.  

The PSAP outlines how MDOT SHA will improve pedestrian and bicyclist safety by identifying challenges, setting goals and objectives, establishing priorities, and determining where to focus roadway safety improvements. Guided by principles established in Maryland’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) and MDOT SHA’s Context Guide, it identifies areas of need, prioritizes corridors, and recommends safety countermeasures by employing a systematic approach to project planning and design.  

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Maryland Celebrates Walktober 2021 with a New Series of ‘Walkinars’  

Planning in Progress 

We introduced Walktober 2021 in our August 6 edition of Planning Practice Monthly, and we now have more to share!

Walking is an activity that’s part of daily life for many Marylanders and is recognized as a healthy transportation choice. In fact, walking is Maryland’s official state exercise.  

But with issues of pedestrian safety and access, many communities recognize walking and improving the walkability of our neighborhoods are goals that require public attention and action.  

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Walktober 2021: Never Too Early to Plan – It’ll Be Here Before We Know It!

Planning in Progress 

by Kristen E. Humphrey, MLA, Local Assistance and Training Planner 

Last year marked Maryland’s first ever WALKTOBER, a full month in which the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT), the Maryland Department of Planning (Planning), and other partnering agencies promoted and hosted walking events and webinars – aptly named ‘Walkinars’ – spotlighting issues of pedestrian safety, health, and bi-pedal and multi-modal commuting options throughout the state.

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