The Maryland Chapter American Planning Association: Advancing the Art and Science of Planning Throughout Maryland

Chapter LogoThe Maryland Chapter of the American Planning Association (MD APA) is a nonprofit organization of planning professionals from all regions of Maryland. Most are members of the American Planning Association (APA). As one of 47 state chapters, MD APA supports the mission of the American Planning Association (APA) advocating excellence in community planning, and addresses economic, environmental and social equity issues at national and international levels. Continue reading

Complete Town Planning – The Energy Element

From a community infrastructure perspective, everything changed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Ensuring energy resiliency to power individual buildings as well as entire communities emerged as a pressing local issue.

Maryland Resiliency Through Microgrids Task Force Report

Community leaders who analyze infrastructure in the wake of major climate events often identify energy availability and the need for resiliency in energy infrastructure as critical in planning for future weather events. Sustainable energy planning is becoming a topic of concern to communities, particularly those areas that have faced severe weather events and loss of power lasting a week or more. Since frequency and severity of storms are projected to increase, an increasing number of local governments are focusing on long-term energy planning to improve energy performance. Continue reading