Advancing Stormwater Resiliency in Maryland

Planning in Progress

What is stormwater resiliency and why do we need to address it? 

Figure 1 – Photo of urban flooding courtesy of Town of North Beach.

Urban flooding is a growing issue in Maryland.  The increasing number of extreme rainfall events that produce intense precipitation will continue to lead to more urban flooding events unless steps are taken to mitigate their impacts. 

The Maryland General Assembly recognized the need to address urban flooding with the passing of Senate Bill 227 (2021 session). The Bill tasks the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) with developing plans to evaluate current flooding risks and update regulations to improve urban stormwater flood management. In 2021, MDE released a report titled “Advancing Stormwater Resiliency in Maryland” (A-StoRM) that provides a roadmap towards modernizing stormwater management in Maryland. 

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