Interview with Vicky Rinkerman: Port Deposit, MD Town Administrator

Local Spotlight

Port Deposit, situated along the banks of the Susquehanna River in Cecil County Maryland, is a historic town of approximately 650 residents. From humble beginnings as a collection point for lumber floating downriver, it took off in the mid-nineteenth century as a crucial junction point for additional goods including grain and coal. This was due to its position as the furthest point downstream on the Susquehanna and the furthest navigable point upstream in the Chesapeake Bay. At this same time, Port Deposit earned fame for the excellent granite deposits just to its north, and multiple factories and mills dotted downtown and the waterfront. With so much commerce, the Port Deposit financial industry gained prominence, and for a while the town was the only place to conduct banking between Baltimore and Wilmington, Delaware. The coming of railroads expanded the market for Port Deposit’s goods throughout the country. Continue reading