Best Practices in Solar Planning and Zoning

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Best Practices in Solar Planning and Zoning

As solar projects proliferate in agricultural areas, local governments are enacting development standards to ensure that solar farm development creates agricultural, environmental and water quality co-benefits.

On Thursday, February 21, 2019, the Smart Growth Network hosted the webinar, Best Practices in Solar Planning and Zoning.
This webinar addressed best practices for including solar in land use plans and local zoning ordinances.

In this video of the webinar, learn how to provide maximum siting options for rooftop and ground mount solar projects while preserving your community’s character and historic resources. Also learn how local governments can set solar development goals, address “solar-ready” concepts in their zoning ordinances, and capture the benefits of solar development while minimizing risks, as well as how solar can be included in local planning documents such as comprehensive, functional and small area plans.

Panelists included Brian Ross, AICP, of the Great Plains Institute, Megan Day, AICP, of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and Scott Annis of the International City/County Management Association.

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