Commerce Subcabinet Recognizes Regional Resources

Planning in Progress

If the feedback received during the development of the new state development plan, A Better Maryland, taught us anything, it is that Marylanders desire a regional approach to planning. Maryland may be small in size, but it has large regional distinctions. The planning needs and objectives of Western Maryland differ from those along the I-95 corridor, and the community development goals of the Eastern Shore necessitate an approach unique from what one might find in Southern Maryland. These distinctions are one of Maryland’s greatest assets, and the Commerce Subcabinet recognizes and wants to maximize this strength.

In the spring of ‘19, the Commerce Subcabinet established the Regional Resources Workgroup, comprised of state staff working in five Maryland regions. Using regular coordination, reporting, and information sharing, representatives from 12 state agencies can now put forth a regional approach to meeting Governor Hogan’s Customer Service Promise. These regional groups will collaborate on trends, issues, and opportunities for economic development, environmental preservation, and enhanced quality of life throughout Maryland, breaking down the silos of state government.

The workgroup is in its infancy, with an initial report due to the Commerce Subcabinet by its next meeting on June 19. Check out the Subcabinet’s website for more information and contacts, coming soon!

2 thoughts on “Commerce Subcabinet Recognizes Regional Resources

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