Meet the Planning Staff: Ellen Mussman

Meet the Planning Staff

Ellen Mussman joined the Maryland Department of Planning (Planning) in February 2019 as a GIS Planner in the Geospatial and Data Analysis Unit. Her primary responsibilities include updating the statewide generalized zoning map and the water and sewer plan maps.

Before joining Planning, she worked at Baltimore County Department of Environmental Protection and Sustainability for five years. Prior to her time with Baltimore County, she worked as a consultant environmental scientist and environmental planner. Ellen earned her master’s degree in forest resources from the University of Washington in Seattle and her bachelor’s degree in Conservation of Soil, Water, and the Environment from the University of Maryland at College Park.

When not working, Ellen enjoys hiking, kayaking, and traveling and has tried her hand at…axe throwing.  (Yes, that’s a thing and not an-outdoor-in-the-upper-Northwest sort of thing, but apparently at-a-pub-near-you-in-Baltimore sort of thing! We recommend asking Ellen all about it.)

Welcome to Planning, Ellen!

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