Reinvest Maryland 2.0 at the APA MD Conference in Rocky Gap

Planning in Progress

by Victoria Olivier

On October 8th Victoria Olivier, Planning’s Central Maryland Regional Planner, presented at the APA Maryland Conference “Fulfill the Vision: Overcoming Barriers to Infill and Adaptive Reuse.”  This was a sneak peek at a more comprehensive training that will be developed and rolled out in 2020 to support Reinvest Maryland 2.0,We’d love you to be a part of this effort.

The essence of this training is a little soul searching/eating your vegetables to help governments think critically about their current policies, processes, public participation, and proactiveness. Essentially, are you getting in your own way of attracting infill development and quality design to support a shared vision with the community? How can local government be a stronger partner and seek other strong partners in advancing these goals?  If you are facing specific challenges on advancing infill development in your community, let us know. Or, if you are awesome at infill, increasing density, or incorporating design, we’d love to highlight an example from your community. Please contact Victoria Olivier at

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