Land Use Law Chat

Planning in Progress

The Maryland Department of Planning is starting a new initiative called Land Use Law Chat, through which we will publish—with the assistance of counsel to the Department of Planning—a series of white papers on legal topics of interest in areas of land use, planning, and community development.  This initiative is born out of our recognition that, particularly for those working in our smaller communities, there is a need for better access to usable legal resources and information. As much was consistently expressed during our outreach for the A Better Maryland State Development Plan and through the Planning Directors Roundtables.

To kick off the initiative, we are soliciting from Maryland’s land use planning community suggestions for topics of interest so that we can assess and prioritize the community’s need for information and guidance.  We want to hear from you; please submit topics of interest or questions to Joe Griffiths at with the phrase Land Use Law Chat in the subject line.

DISCLAIMER:  Counsel to the Department of Planning is not permitted, and is unable, to provide legal advice to local government officials.  As such, Counsel cannot and will not answer or provide advice or guidance on questions or issues specific to an official’s current or ongoing duties, responsibilities, or operations.  Legal information provided through the Land Use Law Chat will be general in nature and will not address any specific request for legal advice or guidance.

One thought on “Land Use Law Chat

  1. Town of Laytonsville, MD
    Thank you for the opportunity to improve our understanding of Planning.
    #1 – Split Zoning, single property within two Zones, e.g. part in R-3 and part in Agricultural
    #2 – Non-conforming properties “grandfathered” within a Zone, e.g. previously Zoned Commercial Historic, continued use as Commercial Historic allowed under current Zoning of Residential Historic, as long as current use is continued.
    Thanks again

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