A Little Dues go a Long Way

MPCA Corner

The Maryland Planning Commissioners Association (MPCA) is a small volunteer organization dedicated to the support, continued education, and networking of Maryland’s citizen planners. Every member of a Planning Commission/Board, Board of Zoning Appeals, or a Historic District Review Committee (or something with a similar name and function) is automatically a member of the MPCA. The MPCA Board is composed of four volunteer leaders who, on top of their careers and planning commission responsibilities, also dedicate significant time and energy to running the MPCA. They are:

Danny Winborne: MPCA President and member of the Gaithersburg Planning Commission
Bill Butts: MPCA Vice President and member of the Mt. Airy Planning Commission
Roxanne Hemphill: Secretary and Chairperson of the Mt. Airy Planning Commission
Doug Wright: Treasurer and Chair of the Hagerstown Planning Commission

In March, the MPCA will send letters to all jurisdictions with planning and zoning authority reminding them of the annual dues for MPCA membership. The requested amounts are quite reasonable and vary based on jurisdiction size.

$400     Population greater than 100,000
$300     Population up to 100,000

$250 Population greater than 10,000
$150 Population between 1,000-9,999
$25 Population between 500-999
FREE Population fewer than 500 residents

The dues go a long way toward supporting the MPCA mission of assisting Maryland’s citizen planners. In 2019, dues helped fund two regional workshops (Hagerstown and Annapolis) and the annual fall conference in Aberdeen. In 2020, they have already supported a regional workshop in Salisbury, with two more expected in the spring and summer, locations to be determined. The MPCA will also collaborate with the American Planning Association Maryland Chapter on training opportunities in 2020 and pursue ways to engage with the Maryland Municipal League and the Maryland Association of Counties in their summer conferences. 

The 2018 MPCA strategic plan is a framework for the organization’s direction. Jurisdictions supporting the MPCA monetarily are helping the MPCA implement the goals of this plan. While the requested dues amount may be small, the impact is immeasurable.

If you would like to learn more about the MPCA and its mission, please contact Joe Griffiths at joseph.griffiths@maryland.gov

The MPCA is always looking for more volunteers as well. If you would like to get more involved in the organization or learn more about the work of its Board, please contact Danny Winborne at danny.winborne@gmail.com.

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