Cassandra Malloy

Meet the Staff

by Kristen E. Humphrey, MLA, Local Assistance and Training Planner 

Cassandra Malloy joined the Maryland Department of Planning (Planning) in November 2019 as an Administrative Specialist III in our Planning Services Division where she is in charge of the herculean tasks of keeping our massive contact database up-to-date and making sure the tremendous number of links on our website remain current.   

This is Cassandra’s first government position having previously worked in fields as diverse as finance and religious non-profit organizations. Prior to 2008, her work focused on investment compliance, first with Legg Mason and later with T. Rowe Price. Since that time, Cassandra says, “I’ve sought roles in support of organizations more closely aligned with my values.” Thus, she says, “Planning is a great fit for me because the department recognizes the importance of balancing economic and community development and works to ensure they occur in ways that are compatible with the state’s resources.” 

Cassandra grew up in numerous cites in the U.S. and across the globe, most memorably in Nuremburg, Germany. She says she still understands German although she no longer speaks the language herself. She loves travelling and going to museums, but when she is unable to (such as during a global pandemic!) she says she enjoys creating anything “fiber related,” including sewing, knitting, crochet, and embroidery projects. 

Claiming to be an “absolute Myers Briggs INTJ personality type” (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Judging), Cassandra says that she her favorite pastime is reading.* Currently she is finishing Deacon King Kong by James McBride and is embarking on Lovecraft Country by Matt Ruff.  

Cassandra lives in Baltimore City with her husband Eric and is mother to four beautiful children — two adult daughters, Dariann and Marissa and two school-aged sons, Quentin and Dylan.  

A belated but hearty, “Welcome to Planning, Cassandra!” 

* Some of us may beg to disagree with this assessment, as Cassandra is extremely personable, outgoing and has a terrific, sardonic wit! Truly, two of the things this teleworking author misses most about going to the office each day are her humorous  stories and quips.  

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