New! Planning Launches Solar Facility Siting Guidance Webpage

Resources and Tools

by Jason Dubow, Manager, Resource Conservation & Management

In response to the recommendations of the Governor’s Task Force on Renewable Energy and Development, Planning developed the Solar Facility Siting Guidance webpage. The webpage provides information and tools to facilitate the development and adjustment of local land use plans and of recommendations with respect to solar facility siting to achieve local goals and objectives, including:  

  • Case studies of how local governments in Maryland have addressed solar facility siting, including best practices and lessons learned based on the experience of local governments;  
  • Case studies of solar facility siting on brownfields in Maryland; 
  • Summaries and links to documents and articles related to Maryland judicial and administrative decisions impacting local solar facility siting efforts; 
  • An overview of Maryland processes for reviewing, modifying and approving proposals for utility-scale solar facilities;  
  • Links to the Maryland Smart DG+ online mapping application and Smart DG+ Zoning Guide;  
  • Information on ensuring compatibility of utility-scale solar facilities with military installations. 
Screenshot of Planning’s new Solar Facility Siting webpage

By providing this information, local governments seeking to develop or modify local solar facility siting standards can save time and ensure greater success in meeting local goals. 

For more information, please contact Jason Dubow, Manager, Resource Conservation & Management at

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