Matrix Design Group To Complete Renewable Energy Siting Study

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As a part of the state’s ongoing effort to enhance collaboration and communication between Maryland’s military installations and surrounding civilian communities to promote compatible use planning and prevent potentially adverse impacts or encroachments, the Maryland Department of Commerce (Commerce) is conducting a Renewable Energy Compatibility Siting project.

A consulting firm, Matrix Design Group, has been selected to complete this effort and will be leading the execution of project activities, including the creation of map layers to inform where renewable energy development projects are compatible, potentially compatible, or incompatible with military operations within the state.

Compatibility planning focuses on activities that could adversely impact military technologies and operations and, ultimately, the capability to effectively fulfill national defense objectives, such as flight missions and radar communications. Compatibility mapping will help energy developers and permitting authorities identify where renewable energy projects could be incompatible with military missions. If identified early in the planning process before the acquisition or lease of land, the potential loss of revenue may be prevented. This may include scenarios where a project in progress is determined a concern by the military.

This project will also include a study of renewable energy’s impact on military missions in the state, with a review and recommendations to enhance the current siting and approval process. The project, including the generation of compatibility maps and study, was recommended in the Statewide Joint Land Use Study Response Implementation Strategy to improve compatible use throughout the state.

To learn more about the Renewable Energy Compatibility Siting project, please contact Jenny Chiasson, Grants Program Manager, Maryland Department of Commerce, at

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