Maryland Department of Transportation Seeks Public Comments

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The Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) and the Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) are required to conduct National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) studies for major transportation projects.  Currently, MDOT and MDTA are seeking public comments on the following project studies as well as a survey on emerging transportation technologies.

Howard Street Tunnel Project: The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) and MDOT’s Maryland Port Administration released the Environmental Assessment and are asking for public comments though March 30, 2021.  To learn more about the study, please go to

Emerging Transportation Technologies Survey: In March 2020, the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) in collaboration with the Maryland Department of Planning (MDP) sent out a survey to Maryland local jurisdictions related to emerging transportation technologies. The survey served as a baseline assessment of what resources are well known versus those that needed a little bit more advertisement. Today, a year later, we want to test that baseline and determine if after outreach events and releases of new official documents, awareness of available resources for local jurisdictions has changed. Results from this year’s survey will allow us to understand where we need to do more to help plan for emerging transportation technologies. 

Please feel free to share this short survey with your regional, state, and local partners. We welcome multiple answers per jurisdiction or agency, by April 5, 2021. 

Baltimore-Washington Superconductive Maglev Project:  FRA and MDOT released the Draft Environmental Impact Statement, Draft Section 4(f) Evaluation, and Draft Section 106 Programmatic Agreement documents for public review and comment on January 22, 2021 and are requesting public comments through May 24, 2021.  To learn more about the study, please go to

Bay Crossing Study – Tier I NEPA:  MDTA released the Tier I Draft Environmental Impact Statement for public review and comment and is accepting comments through May 10, 2021.  Virtual public hearings will begin on April 14, 2021 in the form of a Public Hearing Virtual Information Room (VIR) and Live Testimony Sessions. For those who prefer in-person testimony sessions, there will be one in Annapolis on April 21 and another in Stevensville on April 22.  To learn more about the study and opportunities to get involved, please go to

One thought on “Maryland Department of Transportation Seeks Public Comments

  1. We need public transportation to provide Communities have access to connect to a near by Pharmacy
    Grocery store and Job .

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