Maryland Forests Association Survey Helps Develop a Free Directory of Maryland Forest Products and Services

Planning in Progress

Did you know that the forest industry is the fifth largest industry in Maryland? It provides more than 18,000 jobs to people across the state. Maryland’s forests supply wood for homes, furniture, fiber, paper products, and more. It’s time to highlight this essential industry!

If you provide a service or offer products tied to the Maryland Forestry Industry, please take a moment to fill out a short survey. Your input is greatly needed and much appreciated as the Maryland Forests Association works to create a free statewide directory of Maryland Forest Products & Services that will highlight businesses, promote the forestry industry, and encourage local consumers to buy Maryland wood products.

This survey is hosted by Grow & Fortify, who is working with the Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission of the Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland (TCCSMD), with input from the Maryland Forests Association and the Maryland DNR Forest Service, on a grant to promote the Forest Industry of Southern Maryland.

Take the Survey!

And…please be sure to share the link (below) with your colleagues and friends!

Directory of Maryland Forest Products & Services Survey

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