Maryland Department of Transportation and the Maryland Connected & Automated Vehicle Working Group to Host Webinar Series

Planning in Progress

The Maryland Connected & Automated Vehicle (CAV) Working Group, led by the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT), in close coordination with the Maryland Department of Planning (Planning), is hosting a series of webinars June 15 and 16 to share knowledge of Maryland’s Connected & Automated Vehicles (CAV) Strategic Framework.

We seek to inform local agencies and professionals across the State about what CAV technology means, what resources are available – including the State’s very own CAV Strategic Framework, and how jurisdictions can begin to acquaint themselves and their communities about this life saving and mobility enhancing solution. During the regional webinars, we hope to:

  • Share knowledge about CAV;
  • Create an avenue for regional and local agencies to coordinate with the Maryland CAV Working Group and its stakeholders;
  • Generate interest and participation in CAV initiatives with public, non-profit and private entities; and
  • Empower local jurisdictions to investigate and understand CAV technologies.

Please join us for this important dialogue!

There are three meeting times, and we encourage you to attend the meeting which most closely reflects your geographic region of the State (see image). However, if you cannot make that scheduled time, we encourage you to sign up for an alternative. Presentation content will be the same across all meetings & meeting slides will be made available online. In the meantime, please visit the Maryland CAV program page, read through the Maryland CAV Strategic Framework, or send us any questions at

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