The Maryland Department of Transportation Seeks Public Input on State Freight Plan

From Our Partners

The Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) is updating the Maryland State Freight Plan (Plan) and is in the process of compiling freight-relevant needs and projects across Maryland. The Plan is also evaluating statewide freight strategies across seven goal areas that are aligned with the 2040 Maryland Transportation Plan. MDOT is seeking input from the public and freight stakeholders on this milestone regarding your opinions on priorities or other ideas related to these findings on statewide freight needs, priorities, and strategies.

The purpose of the Plan is to examine existing and projected freight and supply chain conditions in the state and identify policy positions, strategies, and projects that can improve freight movement efficiency and safety. The Plan is updated every five years. The most recent plan was published in 2017 and can be found HERE.   

As part of the plan update, MDOT has launched an online survey that solicits public input on freight needs, projects, and strategies throughout Maryland. Responses will help to inform and refine content for the overall draft plan that will be developed later this year. The survey is available through January 24, 2022. 

To review the complete presentation to which this survey applies, or for additional background details on the Maryland Freight Plan update, refer to the Maryland State Freight Plan website. In addition to the survey, feedback can be provided by email at    

The update of the freight plan will take into consideration other MDOT planning efforts including the Maryland Statewide Truck Parking Study, the ongoing update of the Maryland State Rail Plan, and MDOT’s first-ever Statewide Transit Plan, which will provide a 50-year vision of all modes of coordinated local, regional, and intercity transit across the state. 

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