Maryland Department of Planning Supports Jurisdictions Interested in Census Count Question Resolution Process

Planning Assistance in Action 

The U. S. Census Bureau recently launched the 2020 Count Question Resolution (CQR) Operation. The CQR provides an opportunity for tribal, state, and local governmental units to request that the Census Bureau review their boundaries and/or housing unit counts to identify any potential errors that may have occurred while processing their 2020 Census counts.

If the Census Bureau were to maintain inaccurate information about a county or municipality, federal funding and other programmatic services may be adversely impacted, so it is vital that jurisdictions take this opportunity to ensure all counts are accurate.  

Maryland Department of Planning (Planning) staff is available to provide assistance with the CQR upon request over the next year. Planning held a CQR Workshop on March 24, 2022 where Projections and State Data Center staff and Census Bureau experts provided an overview of the CQR program, identified relevant datasets and shapefiles, and demonstrated the types of errors that would be considered for Census review. Planning recommends watching the workshop recording (linked above) to learn more. 

For information/questions about the CQR process, or are interested in seeking assistance from Planning, please contact Al Sundara, Manager Projections and State Data Center, at

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