Celebrate Walk Maryland Day on October 5th by Registering as a Walk Leader or Sole Mate

From Our Partners

Marylanders across the state are preparing for the 2022 celebration of Walk Maryland Day on Wednesday, October 5. Please join us.

Walk Maryland Day is a celebration of our state’s official exercise and a call to action to support safe walking and walkability. You can join by registering to walk on October 5 as either a Walk Leader or Sole Mate

Walk Leaders are to encourage anyone who enjoys walking and wants to help others realize the benefits this healthy activity can bring to join them on a walk. Sole Mates are people who would like to join a walk and can register for a walk in their desired location.

Anyone can register as either a Walk Leader or Sole Mate, for any variety of safe walking experiences. Registered walks can be alone or in groups; in parks or city neighborhoods; via wheelchairs or on treadmills; or wherever and however safe walking experiences are available. So, get ready to celebrate Walk Maryland Day by registering today to walk on October 5! And then?

After Walk Maryland Day, keep walking! There will be walk-related events and educational opportunities across the state throughout the month of October, as Maryland celebrates Walktober Be sure to check the Walktober website early and often, as registered walks, events, and programs will be added throughout the month.

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