2020 Census Data Released Thursday, August 12  

In Case You Missed It

The U.S. Census Bureau (USCB) released the initial 2020 Census data to all states on Thursday, August 12 following a 1:00 p.m. press conference. A summary of the raw data has been posted to the Maryland Department of Planning (Planning) State Data Center website.  Planning also tabulated housing units and population, which is also posted.

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Registration Available for 38th Annual MPCA Conference (Virtual)

MPCA Corner 

Earlier this month, we informed you that the Maryland Planning Commissioners Association (MPCA) has decided to move its 38th annual fall conference to a virtual format.

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The New Decade Means New Comprehensive Plans 

Local Spotlight  

by Joe Griffiths, AICP, Local Assistance and Training Planner

Many jurisdictions coordinate the development of new comprehensive plans with the arrival of decennial census data. Census data is a foundation of comprehensive planning, providing a snapshot of Maryland communities, outlining growth trends, and distinguishing key demographic indicators. 

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Registration Now Open! Architectural Fieldwork Symposium 

Planning in Progress

Mark your calendars for the Maryland Historical Trust (MHT) 2021 Architectural Fieldwork symposium on October 28th and 29th!  

This virtual event will discuss projects including the Maryland slave dwelling survey, laser scanning, the American Indian community in Baltimore, historic graffiti, and planned communities in Maryland.  

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Preserving Brown United Methodist Church

Planning in Progress 

By Andrew Arvizu, MHAA Assistant Administrator with Greg Bowen, Executive Director, American Chestnut Land Trust

Figure 1 – this 1976 photo shos the south an dwest elevations of Brown United Methodist Church.

Over the past 35 years, the American Chestnut Land Trust has worked to preserve the unique environmental and cultural history of Southern Maryland along the Chesapeake Bay.

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