Coming Soon! New Tools and Resources for Communities to Assess Compatible Use Issues and Renewable Energy Siting in Maryland

Resources and Tools 

by Kristen E. Humphrey, MLA, Local Assistance and Training Planner and Sarah Diehl, AICP, compatible use Community Planning Liason

In the July 2020 edition of Planning Practice Monthly, we announced the launch of the Phase 2 of the collaboration between the Maryland Departments of Commerce (Commerce) and Planning on the Maryland Military and Civilian Compatible Use Project.  

Phase 2 implements some of the top recommendations of the Statewide Joint Land Use Response Implementation Strategy (SJRIS), completed in 2019 as the main deliverable of the project’s Phase I. 

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The Results Are In! View Insights from the Compatible Use Website and Handbook User Experience Survey

Planning in Progress

by Sarah Diehl, AICP, Compatible Use Community Planning Liaison

In October 2021, Planning Practice Monthly shared a survey in which participants could give feedback on the state’s military installations and their relationship with surrounding communities. The purpose of this survey was to help gain information about how communities interact with, seek information about, and envision development that is compatible with military bases in their area.

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Now Open! Take the Compatible Use Website and Handbook User Experience Survey 

Planning in Progress  

by Sarah Diehl, AICP, Compatible Use Community Liaison  

Fig 1 – The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds perform at the Ocean City Air Show in Ocean City, Maryland on June 19, 2021. Photo source: U.S. Army National Guard photo by Sgt. Allen Griffith, 

Do you live or work near one of Maryland’s 20 military facilities? Are you interested in the military presence across the state? We want to hear from you! 

The Maryland Department of Planning has created an online survey to learn how community members interact with, seek information about, and envision compatible development between the state’s military installations and surrounding communities now and in the future.  

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The Maryland Department of Commerce Seeks Your Input on Renewable Energy Projects and Maryland Military Installations

Planning in Progress

As part of the Maryland Renewable Energy Compatible Siting Project, described in the February 18, 2021 Planning Practice Monthly, the Maryland Department of Commerce has distributed a survey to guage  support for initiatives, policies, and processes that could facilitate the compatible siting of renewable energy facilities with Maryland’s military installations. The department is seeking responses to the brief survey by August 20.

Maryland Departments of Commerce and Planning Develop Compatible Use Project Website

Planning in Progress 

by Joe Griffiths, AICP, Local Assistance and Training Manager

Previous editions of Planning Practice Monthly have included articles about the collaboration between the Maryland Departments of Commerce (Commerce) and Planning (Planning) on the Maryland Military & Civilian Compatible Use Project. 

To learn more, please check out this month’s Meet the Staff article featuring Sarah Diehl, Planning’s Compatible Use Community Planning Liaison. Now you can review project objectives and progress in one place on Commerce’s new Maryland Military & Civilian Compatible Use Project webpage.   

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