Maryland Universities Reveal High-Caliber Instruction and Student Planning

Planning Assistance in Action

by Kristen E. Humphrey, MLA, Local Assistance and Training Planner 
with Pat Keller, Adjunct Faculty, University of Maryland College Park, Urban Studies Program and Val Lazdins, Assistant Secretary for Planning Services

Middle River Development Area, from the Baltimore County Master Plan 2020.

Maryland Department of Planning (Planning) Assistant Secretary of Planning Services  Val Lazdins was recently invited to participate on a review panel for a land use planning course (URSP-603) at the University of Maryland (UMD), College Park, Urban Studies and Planning Program. Planning staff member, Kristen Humphrey, was similarly invited to attend an end of semester “super jury” at Morgan State University’s (MSU’s) Center for the Built Environment & Infrastructure Studies (BEIS). For Secretary and staff alike, learning about the work students from both programs are engaged in, and the planning solutions they propose for the urban and suburban challenges of the region, was illuminating . Continue reading

2017-18 Sustainable Growth Challenge Winners

Resources and Tools

On February 8 in Crownsville, student teams representing Maryland Institutions of Higher Learning presented their work to the Sustainable Growth Commission’s  (Commission) Education Workgroup as part of the Sustainable Growth Challenge (Challenge). The panel of reviewers, which included representatives from state government, private industry, and Maryland communities, engaged with students and their proposals asking follow-up questions about projects ranging from neighborhood development planning to innovative architectural design. Students, along with supportive faculty, submitted work completed in 2017 for consideration. The proposals demonstrate how lucky Maryland is to have young academics who combine passions for learning and their communities. Continue reading