Planning Commissioner Training Course Goes Digital

MPCA Corner 

In a typical Maryland Summer, the Maryland Planning Commissioners Association (MPCA), in partnership with the Maryland Department of Planning (Planning) conducts in person Planning Commissioner Training Courses at the Maryland Municipal League (MML) and Maryland Association of Counties (MACo) Summer Conferences in Ocean City. This is anything but a typical summer. In response, the MPCA hosted a digital training session on July 21, with 108 people joining on Planning’s GoToWebinar Platform. 

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Planning Education: Not Just for Staff

Resources and Tools

The results of planning decisions (new roads, residential development) are prevalent and conspicuous, but the decisions themselves, let alone the rationale behind those decisions, often go unnoticed. Planning decisions impact a community’s appearance, traffic, housing stock, economic development, environmental conditions, and multitudes more. Because of this, planning must be a highly public and fully vetted process, with community stakeholders, planning staff, elected officials, and planning commissioners all playing a vital role. Continue reading