Get Involved, Attend A Better Maryland Listening Sessions

Word cloud in response to the question “What is your community’s greatest strength?” Wicomico listening session

Make sure to express your voice on A Better Maryland when the project team comes to your county. Planning meets with local staff and officials during the day, but the pinnacle of our visits are the evening community listening sessions. Thus far, the public has come prepared. Below are a few of the themes we have been hearing.

1. Regionalism

Stakeholders have expressed concern that all too often, every region and community are treated the same. However, Maryland is an extremely diverse state with a variety of social and economic situations and needs. How can a state development plan address this issue?

2. Housing

Concern over the lack of affordable or workforce housing has been a topic of discussion at every meeting so far. Be it a county trying to attract employers or a town concerned that its youth cannot afford to live where they grew up, housing is on people’s minds. Is this a concern in your community?

3. Community Engagement and Volunteerism

Who will be on our Planning Commissions and Community Advisory Boards in the future? Who will volunteer their time after work to bettering their own community? Stakeholders bemoan that the civic spirit has dissipated. But has it, can a new approach tackle an age-old problem?

4. Economic Development

There needs to be better access and sharing of information about local development activity, without having to bother local planning department staff for information.  How can we develop a network of local development information that can better inform the decision making of local elected officials as well as apprise local businesses on market conditions and opportunities?

What are you passionate about? What would you like to see changed in your community? Come tell us about it and add your own theme.

Learn about A Better Maryland at the website.

See all scheduled listening sessions at Listening Session Events page.

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