MDOT does Renewable Energy too: Renewable Energy Master Contract Program

Planning in Progress

by Dan Rosen

Presented by Eddie Lukemire, Energy and Sustainability Program Manager, Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) – The Secretary’s Office

At the Planning Director’s Roundtable on September 20, Eddie Lukemire of MDOT spoke about his department’s Renewable Energy Master Contract. This tool simplifies and streamlines the contractual process by using a master Request for Proposals (RFP), with currently certified six solar energy contractors. Subsequent MDOT task orders are issued to the contractors based on geography or transit mode. A scope of work is written to allow  an array of projects that a contractor might propose to complement other projects. For example, if a contractor is installing solar panels in a park and ride lot and sees the potential for adding electric vehicle charging stations, the master contract can accommodate the project.

MDOT see great potential helping to achieve the State’s renewable energy goals, given MDOT owns approximately 1,100 sites overall, including highway rights of way.

The Renewable Energy Master Contract can benefit not only MDOT, but other state agencies, municipalities, counties, and non-profits because it involves no upfront capital expenses and generates electricity at a favorable cost. The Renewable Energy Master RFP provides for a five-year contract with a two-year extension. Contractors benefit by utilizing MDOT property under a license agreement to sell electricity to MDOT. MDOT has the option to own Solar Renewable Energy Credits, which can then be used as a revenue stream. Other agencies may contract for their own projects by using MDOT’s Renewable Energy Master Contract. To learn more about this program, contact Eddie Lukemire at

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