Transportation Technical Assistance: MetroQuest Survey Results

Planning in Progress

by Dan Rosen

Planning’s Director of Planning Coordination, Chuck Boyd, shared with the planning directors the valuable results of a transportation technical assistance survey using MetroQuest’s engaging survey software.

MetroQuest is a company that provides specialized survey tools that can significantly improve the outreach and response from your audience. Planning, using a MetroQuest umbrella contract with MDOT, surveyed 249 planning/economic development professionals on their transportation priorities. The response rate was a robust 46% (115 replies).  Each county had at least one respondent; Caroline County had the most.

Participants were asked to rank their top five transportation technical assistance priorities out of eight listed. The three most-ranked forms of technical assistance were roadway traffic safety planning tools followed by roadway capacity technical assistance and then ways to improve biking/walking in the community. The other five technical assistance priorities, in descending order were,fixed route transit, freight planning, access management, parking, and demand response transit.

The survey then asked about the types of resources Planning could provide to help with transportation issues.  The most popular online resources were: #1 providing geospatial data; #2 highlighting best practices; #3 providing tabular data; and providing models and guidelines information.  The most preferred types of meeting were, in ranked order, were #1 meetings with other local jurisdictions; #2 one-on-one meetings with State agencies; #3 meetings with multiple state/regional agencies and local jurisdictions; and #4 statewide meetings.  The most preferred form of training was, in ranked order, were #1 webinars, #2 group training; #3 You Tube Videos; and #4 individual one-on-one in-person training.

In areas where local governments need the most transportation support, the priorities were:


  • Data on traffic volumes
  • Design standards
  • Access management
  • Level of Service
  • Capacity

Alternate Transportation

  • Pedestrian
  • Bicycle
  • Electric vehicle
  • On-demand transportation

Planning intends to use the results of this information as we design new technical assistance projects  to meet your needs. To learn more about this survey, please contact Chuck Boyd at

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