Unlocking Brightfields Potential: State Programs to Encourage Renewable Energy Siting on Contaminated Lands Webinar

In Case You Missed It!

Do you need to find suitable sites for renewable energy projects in your state? Are you interested in learning more about best practices from states that have used landfills, brownfields, mines, and other contaminated lands to site renewable energy? 

Almost without exception, states with the most renewable project development on contaminated lands, landfills, and mine sites have designed and implemented longstanding, state-specific programs targeted at such sites.

These states continue to adapt programs to support environmental, land reuse, and economic policy goals in their jurisdictions. Many other states, as well as local communities and utilities, are considering similar programs to expand contaminated site reuse and steer renewable development away from greenfield sites and agricultural lands.  

EPA’s RE-Powering America’s Land Initiative (RE-Powering) hosted a webinar to help participants learn about state-based programs to increase renewable energy projects on landfills, brownfields, mines, and other contaminated lands. The webinar addressed common types of state programs, program impacts, steps to select and design successful programs, and program implementation tips. 

The webinar featured a panel with agency staff from three leading states who discussed how they have created and managed successful programs and provide tips for success. It also highlighted free RE-Powering resources – a report on how to select and design state programs and a map of relevant programs – where participants can learn much more on the topic. 

RE-Powering encourages renewable energy development on current and formerly contaminated lands, landfills, and mine sites when such development is aligned with the community’s vision for the site. Re-Powering identifies the renewable energy potential of these sites and provides other useful resources for communities, developers, industry, state and local governments or anyone interested in reusing these sites for renewable energy development. 

For more information about the brightfields webinar or Re-powering America, please contact Lora Strine, Team Leader, RE-Powering America’s Land Initiative, United States Environmental Protection Agency at Lora Strine (strine.lora@epa.gov) or (202) 564-1521.

Photos: RE-Powering America’s Land Initiative Program Overview, Office of Communications, Partnerships and Analysis Office of Land and Emergency Management, March 2021.

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