Local Government Annual Reporting Requirements and Updated Templates 

The Maryland Department of Planning’s (Planning’s) March 4, 2020, Planning Practice Monthly covered the annual reporting process for local governments, as did the Maryland Planning Commissioners Association (MPCA) during its 2021 annual conference with a session titled The Benefits of Annual Reporting.  

The General Assembly has required annual reports since 1952, under Land Use Article §1-207 (basic requirements), §7-104 (adequate facilities reporting requirements), and §1-208 (measures and indicators). Consequently, all jurisdictions with planning and zoning authority must prepare and submit an annual report for calendar year 2022, by July 1, 2023, or as soon as possible, to mdp.planreview@maryland.gov.  

Planning will then analyze and compile these reports into a document that is delivered annually to the General Assembly and Governor’s office. Planning will soon be sending reminder letters to all relevant jurisdictions.  

Visit our recently updated Local Government Annual Reporting Tools web page for new reporting templates intended to help make the process simple and straightforward. Jurisdictions issuing fewer than 50 residential permits should use the Annual Report Short Form (for Municipalities or Counties), while those with more than 50  must meet the additional measures and indicators requirements of §1-208(c), summarized in the Annual Report Long Form template.  

The templates and letters include helpful reminders about post-annexation procedures, fair housing requirements of HB 90, and notes on the agricultural land preservation table, which help clarify   gross and net acres.  

The annual report is also a perfect time for local staff and officials to review and discuss land use and development trends in their community and reflect on the future. MDP is available to assist with annual reports by contacting David Dahlstrom, AICP, at david.dahlstrom@maryland.gov.  

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