Please Help Marylanders Replace Their Stolen EBT Benefits

From Our Partners

Rafael López, Secretary of the Maryland Department of Human Services (DHS), is asking for help getting the word out about a new plan for replacing stolen Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) food and cash benefits. More than 2,300 Marylanders have experienced stolen Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits through fraud since October 1, 2022.

DHS went live with a new simple, seamless, and swift reimbursement plan for replacing stolen EBT food and cash benefits. Maryland was the first state in the nation to submit and have its plan approved using federal funds to replace stolen SNAP benefits. Maryland is going a step further and is using state funds to replace stolen Temporary Cash Assistance and Temporary Disability Assistance benefits.

EBT benefits reimbursement will help Maryland families and adults who have experienced fraud recoup more than $2.5 million in stolen benefits.

Take These 3 Easy Steps to Help

  1. Join the campaign as champions! Please join us in being champions of Marylanders whose benefits were stolen. Help us show the people we serve that we have their back by encouraging them to replace their benefits by going to
  2. Take a look and take action using the DHS toolkit to customize messages from your agency. The toolkit is available on their website and includes materials prepared in both English and Spanish.
  3. Use the talking points or share the attached flyer, send an email, share a newsletter, or post to social media. Encourage your community partners, grantees, team members, and others to do the same. Linked below are helpful reminders of the many bilingual materials DHS has developed.

Secretary López and DHS are grateful for your help in leveraging your relationships and networks to make sure the word is spread across the state.


DHS EBT Fraud Flyer (English)

DHS EBT Fraud Flyer (Spanish)

DHS EBT Fraud Talking Points (English)

DHS EBT Fraud Talking Points (Spanish)

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