The Maryland Department of Transportation is Updating the 2050 Maryland Transportation Plan & 2050 Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan

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by Brittany Brothers, Communications & Outreach Coordinator, Maryland Department of Transportation

The Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) is updating the 2050 Maryland Transportation Plan (2050 MTP), Maryland’s long-range transportation plan, guiding the state’s transportation investments. The MTP was last updated January 2019 and to meet both federal and state requirements, must be updated by January 2024.

The plan update includes a review and assessment of existing MDOT modal plans, metropolitan planning organization plans, peer state plans, federal priorities, Maryland state priorities, and public input from the recent MDOT surveys on transportation priorities. The draft vision, guiding principles, and goals will be modified and adapted through the plan process over the next 6-10 months with useful feedback from our stakeholders, Maryland’s residents, and visitors. We thank everyone who provided input.

MDOT’s mission serves as the foundation for the 2050 MTP. The proposed vision to “Provide a multimodal transportation system that facilitates the safe, convenient, affordable, and efficient movement of people, goods, and services using innovative, equitable, and sustainable practices” will be realized through the guiding principles, goals, objectives, performance measures, and strategies.

These are the elements of the strategic framework for the 2050 MTP. In summer 2023, MDOT will conduct public outreach and seek feedback on the draft 2050 MTP. To learn more about the state’s long-range transportation plan and upcoming milestone dates, please visit the 2050 MTP webpage.

MDOT is also leading the development of the statewide 2050 Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan (Bike Ped Master Plan). As required by state law, the Bike Ped Master Plan is updated every five years along with the MTP to establish short- and long-range goals and strategies to improve bicycle and pedestrian safety and access. The Bike Ped Master Plan will also address other vulnerable road users such as those using e-scooters, e-bikes, and mobility-assistive devices, taking a data-driven approach to policy and infrastructure recommendations.

MDOT will lead community outreach during spring and fall 2023, with the Bike Ped Master Plan scheduled for completion in January 2024. Community events include an online event Thursday, April 13 and an in-person event at the Howard County Green Fest on Saturday, April 15. Plan materials, maps and public survey are available online at the project website

For more information, please contact

Preservation Plan Survey

MHT is updating Preserve Maryland II, which is a five-year guidance document (2019-2023) for government agencies, non-profit advocates, and others involved in historic preservation, archaeology, and cultural heritage in Maryland. As a first step in the update process, MHT is seeking feedback from Marylanders to inform the years 2024-2031. One way to participate is to complete the survey linked below. MHT will also hold public meetings this summer. Those interested in preservation planning can learn more on the project webpage.

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