Planning Launches the Maryland Protected Lands Dashboard

Resources and Tools

by Debbie Herr Cornwell

Introduced in the June edition of Planning Practice Wednesday and launched in August, the Maryland Protected Lands Dashboard provides a quick assessment of the status of Maryland land preservation at the state, regional, and county levels.  The 12 categories of protected lands include federal, state, county, and private programs. Whether you prefer a map showing where land has been preserved, a colorful pie chart indicating what category or program has preserved the most acreage, or what progress has been made on Maryland’s official agricultural land preservation goal to preserve 1,030,000 acres by 2022, the dashboard makes it all available at your fingertips.

If you’re looking for the data behind the graphics, links to that information can also be accessed through the dashboard. Just click on the Data/Contact tab for downloadable information.  While the dashboard does not reflect real-time data, quarterly updates of tabular data are provided. Since the site is linked to iMap, updated GIS data is incorporated as they occur.  Planning reaches out to local jurisdictions every October to gather updated information so the best available data is reflected. Look for our email update soon!

Check out the dashboard and let us know what you think!  Feedback is appreciated as we strive to provide resources that are accessible and provide the information you need.  Contact Jason Dubow at or 410.767.3370.


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