Meet the Planning Staff: Myra Barnes

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Myra Barnes

Myra serves as the Lead Clearinghouse Coordinator for the Electronic-Maryland Intergovernmental Review and Coordination Process (E-MIRC). In her capacity as the Lead Clearinghouse Coordinator, she makes sure that the day to day operations of the Clearinghouse run smoothly. More

Meet the Planning Staff: Deborah Sward

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Deborah “Deb” Sward serves as Lead Geographic Information Systems Planner for the Projections and State Data Center. Her primary responsibility is preparing and mapping Census data for general use, as well as tracking demographic trends in support of specific projects. More

Meet the Planning Staff: Alfred Sundara

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Al Sundara

Alfred Sundara is the Manager of Projections and State Data Center; he has been serving in that capacity since October 2016. In this position, he oversees the development of socioeconomic and school enrollment projections the Maryland Department of Planning produces. He also coordinates the activities of the State Data Center and More

Meet the Planning Staff: Debbie Herr Cornwell

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Debbie Herr Cornwell joined the Maryland Department of Planning in April as a resource conservation planner. She is serving as the Secretary’s representative on the Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation Foundation Board and the Critical Area Commission. As the Department lead for the Transfer of Development Rights initiative, Debbie has been reaching out to county and municipal jurisdictions to discuss how a TDR program can benefit them, More

Meet the Planning Staff: Michael Bayer

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Michael Bayer joined the Maryland Department of Planning in November as the Manager of Infrastructure and Development. More

Meet the Planning Staff: Karen Mierow

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Karen Mierow is the Maryland Department of Planning’s newest regional planner for Southern Maryland.  She provides local planning assistance and education coordination to Calvert, Charles, and St. Mary’s counties as well as overall support to the department Local Assistance and Training Division. More

Meet the Planning Staff: Lee Sobel

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Lee Sobel has joined Planning as the Assistant Secretary of Planning Services. Lee brings a broad spectrum of both public and private sector experience to the department. He spent the last three years as the Director of Public Strategies at RCLCO, a national real estate and economics advisory firm based in Bethesda. Prior to that, Lee spent 10 years at the Office of Sustainable Communities for the US Environmental Protection Agency as a Real Estate Development and Finance Specialist. More

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